Torture – The Mugu Studios “Underdog” Demo – Part 3

In 1990 I spent a year trying to undermine the SADF. I failed miserably for most of the time but I learnt a thing or two about helplessness. Fortunately I also wrote a few good songs during that year, mostly because of the hours and hours of jamming with Craig Gillings, a friendship that saved my life.

Back to the song – the lyrics are self-explanatory, it’s mostly a lustful fancy, dreamt up from the copper-sulphated glands of a 19 year old.

Sharkbrother recorded the song for the Life Full of Wednesdays album but I have since re-recorded it for the 88 Kilos of Sunshine project. You be the judge…


This song is featured (in full band version) on the second Sharkbrother album, Life Full of Wednesadays. You can purchase the album here.

If you are interested in the first Sharkbrother album, Taj Mahala, which was SA Rock Digest Album of the Year 2000 you can purchase the album here

My current solo project, 88 Kilos of Sunshine is available as a free download at or at

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