“Cold” by Nechama Brodie

Regular followers will have noticed that I’ve been quiet for most of 2013. This is because I’ve landed a dream job producing Nechama Brodie‘s EP.

A dream job for several reasons:
1) I get to work on music.
2) I get to work on Nechama’s exceptionally beautiful songs.
3) Nechama’s voice. Just listen to it, you’ll understand.

It’s been quite a process. We started by recording the basic tracks with rhythm guitar and vocals. Once these were finished I would then add additional instrumentation and then do the mixing.

But in the last two weeks things got really exciting. I had finished the arrangement for “Cold” and Nechama was so happy with the result that she put on the pressure for us to get the song out by today. So it was all hands on deck! I jumped in and got the guitar and bass tracks done and then started the mixing process so that the track would be ready for mastering by last Monday. Nechama also contacted Nadine Hutton to start formulating a plan for a video and before we knew it we were all in Kitchener’s on a Sunday morning at 7am putting together the video. I even landed a cameo role in the video!

I cannot tell you how proud I am to be part of this. The effort put in by everyone was superhuman (Nadine especially, who pulled several all-nighters) but it’s well worth it. The final product looks and sounds excellent. Take a look (and listen) for yourself:

As an aside: there are 18 classic movie scenes referenced in the video, for bonus points see how many you can spot.

You can also head on over to Nechama’s Bandcamp page to listen to the song and buy it for the princely sum of $1. I’ve even made it easy for you, just click this link:


Last thing (humblebrag): The launch date was meant to coincide with the launch of Lauren Beukes’ new book “The Shining Girls” and the following tweet made me very, very happy.


Open Letter – New Release

Over the last few years there have been an ever-increasing number of “open letters” aimed at various political factions having a go at every possible injustice. When I started writing this song there were a few of those letters going around, some even ended up in the writer having a pleasant lunch with the addressee…

I have never been muchof a letter-writer so I would obviously rather write a song. In it I wanted to catch as much of the despair present in today’s world as possible but I also wanted to leave the blame open, because I personally believe that there’s nobody that’s really in control, we’re all just players in a game. If we want to make a difference we’re going to have to change the rules and rewrite the book on how we measure things.

If we continue along a path where we have to struggle, first to stay alive, then to prosper, finally to gorge ourselves on idiotically priced luxuries (in order to prove our status), and in so doing, measure success by a dollar scoreboard then the world as you see it now is the result.

We must also question the role of government, its purpose, its goal and decide whether what we have designed and implemented can achieve those goals.

So here’s my open letter, it’s free, you can dowload it and you can share this link with your friends.



Starman – A Cover

Sometimes you need someone else to remind you about a great song.

Last week Nadine posted this photo of a “UFO” titled “There’s a starman waiting in the sky, he’d like to come and meet us but he thinks he’d blow our minds”. So obviously I had to record a cover.

Blame it on the rain.

Thanks Minister.

True Love, aka “Song for a Waitress”

Philip West had this great riff and he wasn’t going to do anything with it. (what do you mean you don’t know Philip, where’ve you been?) so I used it for the verses. I don’t feel the lyrics are my best but I love the melody and that’s enough for me.