Sing For your Supper – Part 2

So Part 1 was shit – we can all acknowledge that and go on, it’s all going to be thrown away anyway. The one problen though is that it’s so shit that it actually becomes difficult to perform against it. I found that when I recorded other instruments over such a raw track I kept losing the feel of the song and going back to thinking about how crap the guide is.

In order to address this I do three simple things:

1 – I add relevant compression to each track – it just makes it stand out a bit more. You’ll find a lot of trach talk about over-use of compression everywhere you go but for a home recorder it’s likea “make everything a little bit cooler” button.

2 – Add chorus on the acoustic guitar. it just opens theaudio field a little bit and if I’m truthful it smudges my playing just the right amount. 😉

3 – Reverb on the vocals – Reverb that will sound awful with a large amount of instruments can make a crappy vocal take acceptable. Cheap trick – I know.

So listen to the result after you’ve listened to Part 1. Bear in mind that there are no re-takes, it’s just the same basic audio file with a lick of paint. This also helps with some of the composition tasks. The chorus effect introduces some interesting hamonics and helps me find interesting notes to lay over the track once I’m done with the more basic elements.

The next task is the bassline and this is where I could usually use some help…

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