Americans gets a Visual Interpretation

I actively encourage others to use my music for video/film. One of the first to take me up on this was 11-year-old Tim “Brickster” Jeynes with this fantastic Lego stop-motion video for Lido.

Almost a year ago Justin van Loggerenberg sent me the following video. We’ve been debating what to do with it and finally resolved this week to put it on Youtube. Should have done it ages ago. Justin is an absolute genius.

PS -if you want to do a video, take a listen to the tunes and see if anything appeals to you.

Draft of New Song – Help Needed

I’m working on a new song and I’m stuck. I’m not sure where to go with it. I’m happy with the structure as is but it needs something more. I’d appreciate it if you have a listen and then comment on what could be done to improve it.

The guitars are good and I’d probably not fiddle with it. The drums and bass need a rework and then there’s the subject of additional instruments. I’ve tried some french horn and I like the sound but not sure where to go with it.

Download link below.


Pay No Mind – New Release

This is a song I wrote over the last three weeks. It seems that my new songs are starting to take on more socio-political subject matter. It will be interesting to see how that goes.

As with other ReverbNation releases this is a pre-release to the full, re-engineered version that will be released on my AirborneMusic site at a later date.

Donwloads are free and you are welcome to share the song with friends who might also like it.



Bohemian Rhapsody – a reluctant 88KoS Cover

So Nadine Hutton has been at it again. Challenging me to do Bohemian Rhapsody. Tsek!

I just can’t say no to her, and besides it’s a daunting challenge. So many vocal parts and so little time (I hate spending more than a week on a cover, start to finish). In this case it was threatening to take longer so I had to cut it short and render and publish so there are some rough bits, but…

When all is said and done it was fun and I guess that’s all that counts.

So here goes – Bohemian Rhapsody with little old me trying to sing 11 different vocal parts. Yikes!

While I’ve got your attention: I’ve started posting high-quality renders of my original songs on my Airborne Music paysite. It’s a deviation from the traditional way of payment in that you do not pay for the album but rather suppot the artist at a cost of $1 per month. That’s right, access to all my music for less than the price of a beer every month.

I’d appreciate it if you would considering joining this site and supporting me.

As an aside – Airborne is a South African site so let’s try and get their idea going and spread the word.

There’s a video explaining how it works here



PS – Here’s how Nadine described the song when I shared the first rough take with her: “I can almost see this as a opera of insanity – the monologue of a madman running through an empty house whispering at times, shouting, frenzied, resigned. The chorus is absolutely brilliant. A carnival of the voices in his head.”