Open Letter – New Release

Over the last few years there have been an ever-increasing number of “open letters” aimed at various political factions having a go at every possible injustice. When I started writing this song there were a few of those letters going around, some even ended up in the writer having a pleasant lunch with the addressee…

I have never been muchof a letter-writer so I would obviously rather write a song. In it I wanted to catch as much of the despair present in today’s world as possible but I also wanted to leave the blame open, because I personally believe that there’s nobody that’s really in control, we’re all just players in a game. If we want to make a difference we’re going to have to change the rules and rewrite the book on how we measure things.

If we continue along a path where we have to struggle, first to stay alive, then to prosper, finally to gorge ourselves on idiotically priced luxuries (in order to prove our status), and in so doing, measure success by a dollar scoreboard then the world as you see it now is the result.

We must also question the role of government, its purpose, its goal and decide whether what we have designed and implemented can achieve those goals.

So here’s my open letter, it’s free, you can dowload it and you can share this link with your friends.



2 thoughts on “Open Letter – New Release

  1. All you are saying is SO TRUE Kobus! What worries me is that none of the Souh African’s are willing to speak up! The only ones saying something is the ones that has already LEFT THE COUNTRY! LOVE THIS SONG! VERY TOUCHING!

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