My Favourite Songs – Dave Rawlings/Gillian Welch – Method Acting/Cortez The Killer

I have been listening to this recording for the last 5 days. Not the whole album, just this song/medley. And I could listen to it again right now.

In 5 minutes of sublime beauty we get a combination of Conor Oberst and Neil Young’s songwriting skills and the rigorous simplicity and effortless grace of Dave Rawlings and Gillian Welch, both vocally and instrumentally.

The song is on the Dave Rawlings Machine album “A Friend of a Friend” which you should obviously buy immediately, and while you’re at it get Gillian Welch’s new one “The Harrow and The Harvest”

Rawlings’ voice is so well suited to Oberst’s words and his immaculate lead… words fail me. The segue into Cortez is perfect and constantly suggested by the lead guitar so it comes almost as a relief.

If I ever have an unpleasant earworm I have this to replace it.



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