In a Life Full of Wednesdays

I dropped her off early in the evening. On the way back to Hatfield the melody and the opening line came to me and I recorded it on my phone. I played it to Joanne and she suggested the key. It was just a great day, I bunked work, we bought food and we talked over a long lunch. Nothing more, nothing less.

In all honesty, neither of the recorded versions (see below) are anywhere near as good as this song sounded in the Abelarde Sanction, with the Fender Deluxe Reverb on super-sparkly and the Epiphone Sheraton on heavy-thud. Those were the days.



This song is featured on the second Sharkbrother album, Life Full of Wednesadays. You can purchase the album here.

If you are interested in the first Sharkbrother album, Taj Mahala, which was SA Rock Digest Album of the Year 2000 you can purchase the album here

My current solo project, 88 Kilos of Sunshine is available as a free download at or at or, if you’re that way inclined, you can “like” the 88Kilos facebook page and download all the songs for free at

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