Help me with my album release (no, not the money bit)

After an enormous amount of introspection and internal argument I’ve decided to release an album in 2013.

To regular followers this will seem odd as I have previously stated very clearly how I wanted to avoid this. Not only to avoid the format, but also all the additional “industry” that goes with it and, to my mind, detracts from the priority, which is “making music”. In my case “making songs”.

Over the past 2 and half years I have recorded and released 19 songs, mainly in an un-mastered format. It’s been fun but I now feel the need to bundle some into a collection. This is where you, the reader, can assist.

I would like to select 7 songs from the existing recorded material and I would like your suggestions on which ones would be best. I will add 3 or 4 songs to this list and those osngs will only be available on the album.

If you want to assist please go to where you will find all 19 songs on a media player where you can also download them. If you don’t handle flash then go to – Please listen through them (if you can stand it do this more than a few times (I know, I know)) and then list the 7 that you think would work together on an album.

The quality of the production is not important as I will be re-engineering and then mastering the songs before release. In all likelihood the vocals will be re-recorded as well.

If you can add your sugestions as comments on my Facebook page that would be extremely helpful:

And if you are willing please share this with others. 

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