Creating Beauty

Fortune has favoured me. Over the last few years this effort at recording songs and putting them out there in the world has brought me a whole new network of friends. They have, together with older comrades, allowed me to stretch and learn. It’s made me very excited about possibilities.

There are two projects that are particularly exciting to me. One is Nechama Brodie‘s album that I’m working on. I elaborate on this in my last post, which features the video for one of the songs we’ve completed. The video was made by none other than Nadine Hutton.

The second is a particularly beautiful project documenting singer-songwriters around SA. “Cheap Seats”, as it’s called, has done 8 of these videos and you can watch them all here. This project is the work of Djf Head and Gareth Jones who you can find on twitter at @gareth_danger.

The latest Cheap Seats post brings them to Nechama and the result is astonishingly beautiful. Here she is with “Ghost Story”, one of the songs that will feature on her EP.

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Last, but not least. It’s been a few months since I rolled out a new song of my own but I still think “Open Letter” is the best thing I ever did. Take a listen here: Open Letter

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