Americans – an Ode to Consumerism and Self-Loathing

This song was always our “closer” for live performances. At Splashy Fen in 2001 Steve played drums and bass at the same time to drive the song forward (we didn’t play with a drummer at the time). The crescendo to that performance was a wonderful moment on stage, one of those “Now I can die happy” moments.

It’s also easy to misunderstand the message in the song. It’s not about America, it’s about the rest of us, hypocritically slamming “the West” as we slavishly devote ourselves to the American cultural deluge.

So it’s really about whining instead of getting up and doing it yourself without waiting for permission, without finding excuses.

Sharkbrother never recorded the song although the Taj Mahala album contained an instrumental interpretation.


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