A Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys – A Cover

I spent all of 1990 as a guest of the “Defence Force”. If they were listed on tripadvisor I’d give them a bad review but they’re long gone.┬áIt was not the best time of my life but I got to play a lot of guitar. This was thanks to Craig Gillings and I’m not exaggerating when I say he saved my life.

This song is one that we would jam for hours. The bassline is hypnotic and once you’re in a groove the other guitarist can noodle over it for hours. It was the soundtrack to more sunsets than you can fit into an 88Kilos banner. The thing is I have never heard the original. I know it was by Traffic and I’m sure it was great but I somehow never heard it. So this is the “National Service” version. Stripped to bare essentials and missing some words, I’m sure.

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