Spaceman – A Christmas Cover

The last few months have been crazy. At times it seemed as if there was no way out of the stress but, here we are, it’s Christmas. Not everyone’s cup of tea but for me it is the most wonderful time of the year.

Most people are in a better mood. There’s more kindness and forgiveness, more smiles.

Last year I flatly refused to do a Christmas cover and I regretted it, especially after I heard what Frequency Theater had done with their version of O Holy Night. Try to find it, it’s worth it…

It took a while to come up with something I felt should be done. I got a lot of helpful suggestions from Twitter and Facebook friends (huge thanks to the inimitable @a_hadeda, the indomitable @brodiegal and the unwavering @Life_Writ_Large), but in the end I settled on a Chris de Burgh classic. Detractors will detract, but it is a lovely song.

Note: If this is your first visit it is worth knowing that I do not pursue professional quality in my recordings. The intention is to illustrate what can be done with a song, rather than how well I can do it.

Note 2: The punk version is epically noisy, and will remain in the archives. 🙂