True Love, aka “Song for a Waitress”

Philip West had this great riff and he wasn’t going to do anything with it. (what do you mean you don’t know Philip, where’ve you been?) so I used it for the verses. I don’t feel the lyrics are my best but I love the melody and that’s enough for me.




NBT Music Radio – The work of a good friend

I’d like to introduce you to NBT WebRadio. This is an independent web radio station, run by an old and dear friend, Martin Smit. Martin’s music knowledge is exceptional and his taste in music impeccable. Over the years he has been gathering the best of the independent and unsigned world, giving a voice to those who are on the brink of success and those who simply don’t give a damn about commercial success.

Give it a try, I guarantee your horizons will be widened and you will find something new, beautiful and moving to listen to.

NBT Music Radio


A Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys – A Cover

I spent all of 1990 as a guest of the “Defence Force”. If they were listed on tripadvisor I’d give them a bad review but they’re long gone.┬áIt was not the best time of my life but I got to play a lot of guitar. This was thanks to Craig Gillings and I’m not exaggerating when I say he saved my life.

This song is one that we would jam for hours. The bassline is hypnotic and once you’re in a groove the other guitarist can noodle over it for hours. It was the soundtrack to more sunsets than you can fit into an 88Kilos banner. The thing is I have never heard the original. I know it was by Traffic and I’m sure it was great but I somehow never heard it. So this is the “National Service” version. Stripped to bare essentials and missing some words, I’m sure.

You can also check out and download all my original songs at or

My Favourite Songs – Dave Rawlings/Gillian Welch – Method Acting/Cortez The Killer

I have been listening to this recording for the last 5 days. Not the whole album, just this song/medley. And I could listen to it again right now.

In 5 minutes of sublime beauty we get a combination of Conor Oberst and Neil Young’s songwriting skills and the rigorous simplicity and effortless grace of Dave Rawlings and Gillian Welch, both vocally and instrumentally.

The song is on the Dave Rawlings Machine album “A Friend of a Friend” which you should obviously buy immediately, and while you’re at it get Gillian Welch’s new one “The Harrow and The Harvest”

Rawlings’ voice is so well suited to Oberst’s words and his immaculate lead… words fail me. The segue into Cortez is perfect and constantly suggested by the lead guitar so it comes almost as a relief.

If I ever have an unpleasant earworm I have this to replace it.