Sing For your Supper – Part 3

Two months ago I posted the last render of “Sing for your supper”. This is then the third in the series showing my recording process and progress.

I’d played with the vocals just to point the dynamics in the right direction, giving the instruments a guide. The next step was the bassline. This has been an adventure.

I’m not a bassist. In fact, bassists always give me a hard time about the bass, so I wanted to work a little harder at getting something that sounded more like a bassist’s bassline. Honestly; it’s a lot harder than it seems. So here is take 5 gazillion and one. I’ve reached the “it’s-good-enough” stage and besides, I didn’t want to leave you hanging.

So here is Part3 – now with added bass.

Coming soon: guitar riffs, piano figures, and perhaps a mandolin? The idea makes me ill. Or should I do the drums?

PS – Should I record a cover of “Ebony and Ivory”? for the “would you like cheese with that?” album.

Power to the People, NOT the politicians.

So it’s election time again, and I wanted to make sure that I recorded something topical.

It’s all Richard’s fault, really.

the song is Fun Boy Three’s “Lunatics (have taken over the asylum)”. I couldn’t figure out the chords so I closed my eyes and I hope nobody notices.

Disclaimer: By definition I find fault with all politicians, so if you think this is aimed at a specific political party remember that they all add up to nothing eventually, no matter who they are or in which country you live. Good night, and good luck.

Shameless self-promotion:  If you like this song then you may also enjoy “Americans” which you can download here together with all my other originals.

Apologies: To Fun Boy Three, and thanks, for ALL the tunes.

Power to the People, NOT the politicians.